Proven Results


While others might say what they "would do," Andrew can talk about what he "has done."

 In Ward 12:

  • Led revitalization efforts on East Lake Street which have helped result in a resurgence of business
  • Improved communication with residents, increased organizational transparency, and reduced expenses by implementing a new website for Longfellow Community Council (LCC)
  • Established a vision to market the community and LCC, helping to result in Longfellow being named “Best Neighborhood” in 2013 by City Pages
  • Successfully pushed for more resident engagement on the Minnehaha Avenue reconstruction project and is working on a community plan to rally resident support for businesses during the disruption
  • Helped establish the first community hops garden in the nation
  • Increased community engagement by piloting an innovative new organizational model through LCC, which has led to greater regular turnout
  • Introduced a "Green Award" proposal which would incentive businesses to become more environmentally-friendly
  • Voted to fund the Falls for All universal access playground and worked through personal networks to seek additional corporate funding

In Minneapolis:

  • An ordinance is being changed as a result of Andrew's efforts, which will benefit small businesses, customers and LGBT residents
  • An additional ordinance is being changed as a result of Andrew's efforts (details TBA at an upcoming press conference!)
  • Worked to start a non-profit that would contribute to the local sustainable food economy and create bicycle delivery jobs
  • Started an initiative to secure experts from Target Corporate to help the Minneapolis Police Department with predictive crime analytics at no cost to taxpayers, so officers can work smarter and focus on crime hotspots
  • Founding member of TCS, a social community that has grown to more than 7,000

In Our State:

  • Andrew organized activists and testified before the legislature on the Surly Bill, the passage of which has resulted in hundreds of new jobs
  • $20 million annually and a 90% drop in plastic bag consumption were estimated to result from the environmental bill that Andrew worked with State Senator Linda Berglin to introduce and lobby for